Simple transactions with ultra-low fees.

With our platform you can easily make any kind of transaction you need, and you can convert from any currency to absolutely any currency you'd like.

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The best exchange for cryptocurrency.

A marketplace to trade, convert, and exchange cryptocurrency. Whether you have some bitcoin you need converted to cash or you're investing in one of the hot new currencies, any type of currency transaction is possible on our platform.

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Convert any currency with just a few clicks.

It's never been easier to convert your funds. With our unified platform, it's painlessly simple to move, exchange, or convert your money.

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Complete transparency on the open market.

All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, a decentralized, distributed ledger. Because no single authority controls this ledger, it is the most transparent means of transacting currently available anywhere.

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Distributed infrastructure ensures uptime.

Our infrastructure is distributed all over the globe, just like the blockchain. With 32 nodes spread out across the globe, you can be sure that our platform will always be up, wherever and whenever you need it.

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All transactions use 256-bit SSL encryption.

When your communications are encrypted online it means that even if someone were able to intercept some data packets, they won’t be able to decipher what they’ve found.

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